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in their 60s. a neighbor tells fox5 they are iranian nationals who are permanent residents of the u.s. the couple left for iran several weeks ago for the end engagement of one of their two daughters. investigators say they have been in touch with the owners who say they have no idea who would want to harm them or their property. they reported no recent threats or trouble of any kind. >> until we know what it is i will be a little bit nervous about what is going on here. >> reporter: this is where the bomb went off. plywood now covers the window. we are told that it is actually is the window that would ajoin a sitting room at the very front of the house. again, they are saying that the captured a lot of this on surveillance camera but stopped short of saying they actually captured the person placing the bomb on the window sile. the damage is fairly significant. we are told it is 25,000 to 50,000 dollars worth of damage here, sean. >> thank goodness no one got hurt. paul wagner, thanks. >> the reward is growing tonight in a bethesda murder mystery and also growing the memorial outside t
on ghadafi's home town of sirte tonight, coming after a week of bombardment and a no-fly zone. the u.s. is leading the efforts and that is scheduled to change soon. >>> and in a few hours, president obama will spend out his plans for u.s. military action in libya and that comes as questions mount about the u.s. role. tom fitzgerald is in our newsroom tonight. a lot shifted the last two weeks. >> reporter: when you look at the landscape now, two weeks ago these rebels were on the verge of losing control of their own unofficial capitol. tonight, they're pushing west with the sites set on ghadafi's own hometown. in washington, president obama is going to seek to reassure the american people and an increasingly skeptical united states congress when he tries to spell out what the u.s. intentions are in libya. moa mar ghadafi's strangle hold on libya appears to be weakening. they have hit the forces in the south, leaving behind burned- out tanks. the rebels who just two weeks ago were in danger of losing their unofficial capital of benghazi, are pushing west to ghadafi's own home town of sir
. >> reporter: the top u.s. energy official meanwhile, steven shoe, expressed frustration with the information coming from japanese officials. >> events unfeeling in japan incident appears to be more serious than three-mile island. to what extent, we don't know now and as they're unfolding rapidly on an hour-by-hour, day- by-day basis and there are conflicting reports, so we don't know what is happening. >> reporter: at the white house, questions surveyed about the japanese government's honesty in dealing with the crisis and who americans should listen to. >> when there is a situation when our advice on what to do in reaction to this incident to protect your physical safety, if first from the advice the government of japan is giving, we'll give separate and additional advice to american citizens in japan. >> reporter: millions are struggling still with no electricity, little food, water or heat and in frigid temperatures, rescuers are trying to find survivors five days later, followed by a tsunamina thaswallowed entire towns, survivors are being found. >> chances of survival are small but we'r
since 1997, at least three in virginia. thomas was arrested march 4th in new haven. >>> two u.s. naval pilots are safe tonight after their fighter jet crash landed in libya. plane went down on the fourth day of u.s. and allied military operations to enforce a no-fly zone. tom fitzgerald is in the news room. what happened to the jet? >> reporter: the plane did not come down as a result of fire. they said the aircraft suffered mechanical problems. this held outside of benghazi as the crew was caring out a strike mission against a libian missile site. one crew member was picked up by a marine corp search plane and the other was found by libian opposition forces and then returned safely to u.s. hands. elsewhere, coalition forces have pounded gadhafi's military with more than 24 tomahawk missile strikes and robert gates said it has helped stop gadhafi ground forces but the u.s. allies will soon be taking over the lead. >> it just seems logical that once we have the air defense systems sufficiently suppressed, that the level of military activity would decline. >> are you talking about u.s. m
the wheel. assistant u.s. attorney john siroka asked the judge to impose a 20-year sentence for the, quote, disregard that jones showed, especially after prior traffic and substance convicts. the defense asked for mercy. jones addressed the court, turning his head slightly toward the spectators and saying to the family, i am truly sorry and then turning back toward the judge and adding i hope one day they find it in theirer hearts to for-- their hearts to forgive me. the superior judge wasup moved grimly pointing out the defendant was arrested 13 times the last 10 years, convicted five times and was forbidden to drive. the sentence, 20 years. >> the real enemy in my men -- opinion is not mr. jones but the easy access to drugs, and i think unless and until we can do something to stem the tide, we will have unfortunate tragedies like this again. >> reporter: the physical injuries to all four children have mostly healed but they're still traumatized about the death of their mother. >> >>> a heartbreaking accident in laurel. the prince georges county police report a mother was dropping her two
is promising u.s. help to japan. the president's planned news conference today on oil prices in libya began with lengthy comments about the devastating earthquake. tom fitzgerald is in the newsroom with more. >> reporter: as you mentioned, shape, the president took a number of questions about the ongoing crisis in libya and clearly tonight, the disaster is overshadowing much of what is going on in the world. the president was notified of the quake and we were told at 4:00 a.m. and tonight -- emergency assets are moving into place. >> good morning, everybody. >> reporter: after a morning filled with scenes of destruction in japan, tonight, president obama is pledging full u.s. support. >> fema is fully activated. >> reporter: the president said the united states navy has dispatched ships to help. >> we currently have an aircraft carrier in japan and another is on its way. we also have a ship en route to the marianas islands to assist as needed. >> reporter: president obama spoke by phone friday with japan's prime minister who indicated japan's primary need
in the correct drives -- griefs. tonight, one u.s -- graves. tonight, the situation might be worse than originally thought and tom fitzgerald joins us now and this is going to the issue of mismarked graves? >> reporter: that is what it's about. the new information stems from previously secret testimony from the workers at the ceremony. the testimony that indicates the number of mismarked graves at arlington national cemetary and maybe larger than previously thought. arlington national cemetary is america's hallowed ground. but arlington's image has been under siege since the army revealed decades of mislabeled graves missing remains and headstones being used to line waterways. the scope of the mismanagement and bad record keeping here at arlington national cemetery came to light in 2010, but as a new administrator gets to work at sorting out the mess, it turns out the problem might be much worse than previously thought. a new article in "time" magazine suggests the mix-up is so bad, that it might be impossible to sort out. time-obtained transcripts, t
there is going to be felt by u.s. companies and investors. this senior fellow at the senior institute for international economics. uncertainty net energy sector is driving most of the market selloff. >> and that is what has everyone excited, both here and in japan. but the long-term effect is the power estimate. >> reporter: japanese manufacturers, including automakers are closing plants to save energy e. it's impossible for tech companies to get the components like microchips they depend on. ge, a major high-tech player, the designer of the nuclear reactors. since friday, its stock lost more than $10 billion in market value. tuesday's u.s. stock slump was not unexpected and if history holds true, from will be a rebound. >> you get the days and rebuilding and the japanese are very good at rebuilding. they are a very organized society. we will see a bounce back of the industrial production and even exports, you know, after a couple of months would be my guess. so, i'm on the optimistic side. >> reporter: and one small upside, oil stocks took a dive today, falling to $this afternoon a b
in the u.s. legalized gay marriage plus dc, maryland would be the next state, the sixth. >> john henrehan, thank you. >>> meantime dc is celebrating one year of marriage quality. today marks the first anniversary of gay and lesbian couples being able to legally marry in the district. this morning the mayor gray and other community leaders acknowledged the occasion at the covenant baptist church in northwest. same-sex marriage was legalized in dc in december of 2009 but the law went into effect march 3rd of last year. >>> dave feldman in the newsroom as we get prepared maybe for a work stoppage in the nfl. the collective bargaining agreement runs out at 11:59 tonight. latest rumors, could be an extension of the deadline. sherri ly at the mediator's office with the latest. >> reporter: feldy, both parties still inside right now. the latest hearing is that the talks are focused on extending the deadline in the collective bargaining agreement for half as much as a week, is what is being reported. but, so far, you can look down here, we've got a number of reporters waiting, we had heard that t
people in. the u.s. attorney can. >> reporter: the u.s. attorney's office issued the following statement saying it takes any allegations of public corruption very seriously. it says the office typically does not confirm or deny the existance of investigations and says that this time the office has no comments on the allegations in this matter. brown says had he kept the envelopes that were slipped to him with money. he thinks the dna may come in handy during an investigation. he's well aware that he might be found guilty of breaking laws for accepting the cash. >> thanks. >>> president obama headed to high school today along with the ah trail australian prime minister. students asked and answered questions about australia during the visit. president obama also visited the school a year and a half ago. it was another school a little earlier. starting their day at their daughter sasha's school. they attended a conference. they spent about a half an hour at the school. >>> the president is warning the libyan leader that the u.s. is considering military action. today he ordered air strikes a
to the u.s. supreme court but the high court refused to hear the case. now, in november, an independent report on metro's elevators and escalators concluded that quality of maintenance being performed could be improved to get it up to manufacturer's requirements and recognize industry standards. it appears the agency is falling short, laura. >> sounds like it's next to will possible to win a lawsuit against metro, is that right? >> that is not impossible but is a higher standard. think about this, any budgetary decisions by metro is considered a policy decision and is immuned from lawsuits. metro has consistently said it has no money and has had to make decisions based on that. in fact,la pitas is representing families in the redline crash and in that case, metro is warned by federal investigators the older 1,000 series rail cars could have a catastrophic failure in a crash. metro rodidn't have the money to replace them and the court has rules on that claim that metro is immuned from many negligence. >> thank you. >>> what can you expect if you are heading to metro tonight? we can tell
u.s. military power in libya? >> reporter: the heavy fighting are reported in benzhada and another. forced rebels to retreat after suffering heavy losses and while the rebels appear today to have lost momentum that has not flood coalition fores as they keep up their attacks. looking more like a road race than a retreat, they fled from sirte after government troops forced them back and while hand- picked groups can still be seen waving as poachers and shouting his name, the reality is that ghadafi's grip on power is weakening. a one-two punch with the tomahawk missiles and airstrikes continuing to hit the trooping and ammunition stockpile and nato allies are talking about non-military ways to keep up the pressure. >> and this includes a unified front of political and diplomatic pressure making it clear to him he must go. >> reporter: in his speech monday, president obama made it clear while he wants ghadafi gone, he will not order the u.s. forces to target him directly. >> reporter: they include a regime change and that would be a mistake. >> reporter: while u.s. efforts may result
a comprehensive review of all the new plants in the u.s. one energy executive says he welcomes the review. >> we have confidence that, were we to have something even beyond the regulatory framework, we are well positioned with the extraordinary resources and equipment to deal with these sorts of events. >> reporter: meanwhile, the japanese government admits they were overwhelmed by the quake and tsunami, slowing the response to the nuclear crisis. japan's prime minister is urging the country to unite. >> this is the worst crisis japan has faced. we are now being tested. >> reporter: the head of the international atomic energy agency who met with the prime minister is calling the situation at the plant a serious situation. >> the core is vanished. a nuclear vessel is vanished >> reporter: people across japan are holding a moment of silence marking one week since the tsunami and quake struck, remembering families and friends who are still missing. the u.s. is working with japan to work with anything that they can. david piper, fox news >>> the fairfax county search and rescue team is still working
. the president said the american forces will take on a supporting role. >> it is u.s. policy that gadhafi needs to go and we have a wide range of tools in addition to our military efforts to support that policy. we were very rapid in initiating unilateral sanctions and helping to mobilize international sanctions. >> i don't know much about the location of the libian leader nor have we expended any military effort in that regard. we have expended considerable effort to degrade the libian regime's military command and control capability. >> reporter: and along those lines, despite the pentagon's insistence that gadhafi is not being targeted, one missile strike did destroy a building in his compound however it was not known where he was at the time of the attack. but the report that libians were nearby. >> what is congress saying about this? >> reporter: we heard word from capitol hill today that there was unhappinessond republican and democratic side and some members say congress was not notified of the commencement of this military action. now the white house today sent out a letter dated today
'll continue to follow the story and bring you more on this continuing throughout our newscast. >>> the u.s. park police airlifted one of the officers to the hospital this morning after this motorcycle accident. it's unclear what caused the accident. the park police say the officer has serious injuries. the crash happened before 11:00 a.m. shutting down the eastbound lanes of the freeway near seventh street. the search continues tonight for a missing loudoun county woman who was five months pregnant. bethany decker was last seen at her apartment in january. her husband is serving with the u.s. army in afghanistan and has contacted investigators about his wife's disappearance. fox's john henrehan has been working the story and joins us live with the latest from ash burn. john? >> reporter: bethany decker and her husband lived at this apartment complex over my shoulder across the loudoun county parkway, not far from the toll road in ashburn, virginia. she's apparently disappeared and there has been no telephone records, no financial transactions for weeks until today. investigators hadn't eve
will be transferred from the u.s. to other nations by the end of the week and to jerusalem now. violence erupted again. israel bracing itself for more violence after a bombing at a bus stop in jerusalem this morning. fox 5s tom fitzgerald is in our satellite center watching more. i think the world is waiting for israel's response to this one. >> reporter: we know it's been israel's history to respond to these types of attacks. the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu said his country will react with aggressively and responsibly taking actions, responsible to the attacks and the rocket attacks from palestinian territories this morning. the bombings killed a 60-year- old woman in a crowded bus stop in jerusalem and they say a bag was planted at the site with an explosive placed inside. in addition to the woman who died in that attack, at least 25 others were injured and most from shrapnel that was placed inside of that bomb. and right now, the israeli police have not made an arrest in this case. cars leaving jerusalem are being searched for possible suspects. and authorities say they looking to see
american husband lilles to become one-man terror cells and the u.s. government wrestled with fighting that effort. how do they do that without opening yet up for discussion? >> that is a good point and the american muslim population is dead set against terrorism. we denounceed terrorism and al qaeda, we do not want our brothers and sisters and our sons to become radicalized by al qaeda. unfortunately for the hearings, they were just filled with misinformation and very broad allegations by mr. king and his, some of his witnesses, and at the end of the day, there were really no real solutions that were proposed by congressman king. >> how would you suggest that they tackle this issue? >> i suggest that law enforcement look at the issue of their relationship between the muslim community and come up with specific and doable and practical solutions to having muslims participate in the american physics society and that is being the case. i have to -- . >> i have to ask you quickly to respond to this. congressman peter king said that he hopes the muslim community will talk about the issue an
in that is the word from libyan rebels. and battles there are causing pain at the gas pump here in the u.s. tom fitzgerald is in the huesroom. go ahead he be on the way out? >> reporter: libya state-run media is denying the reports that he offered to step down in offer for a safe exit and immunity from prosecution; however, on the other side, the rebels set their own deadline and telling him he has 72 hours to relinquish power. in triply's green square, pro- government crowds are singing ghadafi's praises and outside of tripoli, rebel forces are digging in for a long fight, manning antiaircraft guns, hoisting rockets and stocking up on ammo. >> we'll provide him with the full range offing ons. >> reporter: the defense secretary robert gates said president obama along with the u.n. and nato are still debating whether or not to put a no fly zone in over libya. >> we'll provide him with our judgement as to that likelihood of success and what the consequences might be. >> reporter: and some consequences are being felt. the u.s. oil prices have shot up causing gas prices to go to $3.89 a gallon acco
. >>> and after a weekend of attacks, u.s. fighter pilots are enforcing a no-fly zone over libya. how long will that last? we'll explore it at 6:00. ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] bursting with mouth-watering real fruit and refreshingly blended with creamy low-fat yogurt, mcdonald's strawberry-banana and wild berry smoothies are 100% pure sipping fun. the simple joy of real fruit smoothies. ♪ >>> there is new information tonight about a brutal murder inside that bethesda shop. all new at 6:00,
of food and water. meanwhile, the u.s. energy department said it's in constant talks with the japanese counterparts hoping to avert a meltdown. >> a dire situation, thank you. >>> a maryland man living in japan felt the earthquake and is experiencing the aftermath of the disaster firsthand. kevin hoover from washington county is teacher in japan and fox 5s allison seymour spoke with him today via skype. >> reporter: he's a washington county man teaching in japan and thanks for joining us via skype right now. where are you exactly and how are you three days after the major earthquake and sue name? >> sure. i'm in the kamagawa prefecture, outside of yokahama, 30 minutes by train. about an hour southwest of tokyo by train. >> you are a teacher and have been teaching there a little over a year. can you take us back to that day? >> sure. i was -- i was in the school and i was teaching when the primary earthquake hit. and it was big. even this far away and we definitely felt a big quake. and i only felt a few minor earthquakes, maybe three, four since i have been here in japan prior to that
the office of the u.s. attorney and live outside of the wilson building, karen gray houston, fox 5 news. >> and where does that go from here? does mayor gray say he will talk about this following the investigations at some point? >> reporter: no, what he was insistent on in the meeting today and in that weekly press meeting that was he was going to let the investigations unfold and the investigation by the d.c. attorney general, some people are looking to tamp that and he appointed the d.c. attorney general and so people don't feel that that is a very -- an investigation that we should count on and they want to see someone who has subpoena power to bring in a grand jury and that would be the u.s. attorney's office which is not saying if it's looking into it. >> thank you for the update today. >>> fox 5 is monitoring metro tonight. more violence this time outside of one of the busiest met rotations in -- stations in d.c. gallery place chinatown. last night's attack happened hours before the d.c. council members peppered metro officials about the overall safety and will thomas has more. >
district of columbia, we got a search warrant. the u.s. attorney at the time was involved with us and we searched his had tel room. it was at 9 at night and on the hotel room on the table, he laid out his entire plan. he had a map where he was going, a letter and statement of why he was doing this to impress an actress and had a newspaper clipping showing the president's whereabouts that day. >> wow, such a fascinating story of what happen hood thaday. thank you very much, tom baker, for coming in and sharing this bit of history with us today. >> thank you for having me. >> all right, thank you. laura? >>> the man who tried to assassinate president reagan is asking for more visits. now, outside of saint elizabeth's mental hospital, john hinkley jr. has been there since 1982, after being found not guilty of insanity. the judge allowed him to make 12 unsupervised visits to his mother's house in virginia. he made all 12 and yesterday, his attorney filed a petition for the court to allow additional visits. you can see all of our coverage on the rea
to the multinational alliance, take fomd. here's the latest from libya. >> the u.s. has been vague about what combat role the american military might have once allies take the formal lead. >> we want to see a transition away from these early stages. we want to see a coalition moving forward that preserves or utilizes, rather, nato seechs. >> reporter: the french ministry of defense confirms a libyan trainer plane vile fomd. air strikes continue in central and southern libya. anti-government forces believe techdz. rebel he. as debate goes on at home, the lead u.s. commander is staying focused on the mission at hand as mandated by the u.n. security council resolution. >> it is established an arms embargo to prevent the ill policemen. and secondly, to he is stab sloicial. to protect civilians as best we can. we're accomplishing those missions. it. >> the the spokesman says the operations will last games. >>> we're live with what protesters are saying in rockville. also, is it hard to believe it's spring? storms blew through our area last night. and this blast is not over yet. >> couldn't right here. fo
together. the u.s. marshal service has this man in custody in new haven, connecticut. there was a warrant for his arrest. that's very important. somebody feels they have enough evidence to charge this man for a series of rapes. >> more tonight at 6:00, 10:00, and 11:00. paul wagner, thank you. now to a battle brewing at a local hospital. nurses walked off the job and on to the picket line. at issue, these nurses claim staffing problems are putting patients at risk, but the hospital says there's no safety problem at all. this is all about money. beth parker is live in northwest outside the hospital. beth. >> reporter: laura, this picket line has been going strong since this morning. take a look over my shoulder. people have been driving by. they have been beeping their horns, but the hospital says that at least half of the nurses of this 7:00 a.m. shift cross this picket line and came to work. pounding home their message. nurses who are used to spending many hours on their feet spent this day walking the picket line. the nurses say since staffing is putting patients at risk. >> what we
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